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The following is a copy of Page 17 thru Page 25, of THE CANCER INFORMATION REVIEW. / Book Review. 


Book Title: KNOCKOUT: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer. 


ISBN: 978-0-307-58759-6

Softcover,   Price of Book $15.00



   This book was first published in October 2009, and it was Number One on the New York Times Bestseller list.

   The author is an American celebrity and author, who wrote several books on various health issues. At the present

   time, this book is one of the best books on non-toxic alternative treatments for cancer. The author discusses several

   non-toxic healing therapies for cancer. The main theme of this book is “curing cancer without toxicity.”

   See the author interviewed on Television CBS Early Show at:

   To read sample pages of this book see:   Or: -enter title: Knockout.

   In chapter 1 of the book, the author tells you about her outrageous stressful saga, when she was brought by her

   husband to a hospital emergency room, her body covered from head to toe with welts and a terrible rash all over

   her body. She was gasping for air as she could not breathe. Overall, she was in utmost physical distress.

   After stabilizing her somewhat, she gets a CAT scan and is told by the hospital oncologist that she has cancer

   in her lungs, liver, chest, and a blood clot, and pneumonia. See the author tell her story at:


   They tell her they will start her on chemo drugs immediately, but she refuses all chemo drugs, saying it will only

   poison her body even more. All along, she insists that she was either poisoned or had a terrible allergic reaction to

   something. The doctors refuse to accept that. But she “knows” it is not cancer. Having prior knowledge of chemo

   drugs from her battle with breast cancer, several years before that, she refuses all chemo drugs. She told the doctors

   that even if she did have cancer, she would treat it her own way with her own doctors, and with a non-toxic approach.

   Her reasoning is, if she has cancer, why add toxic poisonous chemical chemo drugs to an already weakened body.


   The saga and trauma she suffered in the hospital, challenges the human mind. On day 4 in the hospital, the doctors tell

   her, she does not have cancer, but that she has either: tuberculosis, or leprosy, or valley fever (coccidiomycosis).


   All of those were false, but the hospital put her into an isolation room. She then sent an email to a doctor she knew,

   Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D., who emailed her back, “you gotta get out of there” (page 14). Determined to get out of the

   hospital, she is released with some five thousand dollars worth of medicine (page 15), and again emails Dr. Jonathan

   Wright, who tells her not to take those medicines. The author writes that she was fortunate, because she had prior

   knowledge of alternative medicine, but feels bad for the average Mr. and Mrs. Citizen who, had they been in the same

   situation, would probably not even question the false diagnosis and would take all the chemo drugs as prescribed. 

   Jonathan Wright, M.D.  -Newsletter is at: 


   To gain a better understanding of the author’s viewpoints, several Video clips and Website Links are included in this

   review. See Video of an interview with the author at:   -Expresses

   her core beliefs about cancer research, and cancer therapy.



   Note: There are some 150,000 ERROR cancer diagnosis in America every year. This means, 150,000 people are

   told by their doctor, they have cancer and in truth, they do NOT have cancer. Second, and Third and even Fourth

   opinions, make much sense. Search at:  -Search terms:  false positive cancer diagnosis.

   For examples of error cancer diagnosis see:


   Concerning errors in cancer diagnosis, the wife of a health care professional, was told by her doctor that she has cancer.

   She immediately called her husband, and he contacted a colleague radiologist he knew. By just looking at the X-ray,

   the radiologist told the husband, that the spot on the X-ray is the finger of the technician who developed the film.

   Imagine, without her husband, she would have been started on chemo or radiation, and that itself, would have made her

   sick. This episode was related by the husband on the radio.  See also:


   If you study the subject of “Placebo” and how strong its effects can be, there is a probable chance that the wife would

   develop every symptom a real cancer patient has, and they would be TRUE symptoms. Such is the strength of the

   human mind and emotions. Due to the 150,000 error cancer diagnosis per each year, it could be said that all cancer

   tests and diagnosis, must be confirmed three different times by three different independent doctors. You may be one of

   those 150,000 people. You never know. See page 167 in this Review Journal, for more on erroneous cancer diagnosis.


   On page 269 of this book, the author writes that when she was in the hospital, she was told by six different doctors

   that she has full body cancer. All six doctors were wrong.


   In Chapter 2, the author introduces you to three doctors who endeavor to avoid prescribing toxic medicines, and who

   practice integrative / complementary medicine.


   Chapter 3 discusses the enormous amounts of money involved in the chemo drugs industry, and criticizes the FDA.


   Chapter 4 is titled: If it Could Happen to Me, What Will Happen to You ? The author writes more about her

   error diagnosis, and how the death sentence given to her by the doctors in the hospital, tore her core apart, and why

   a different path such as alternative non-toxic cancer treatments merit consideration.


   In Chapter 5, the author criticizes the over consumption of Omega-6 oils, such as: sunflower, safflower, corn, peanut,

   vegetable and canola oils. The healthier Omega-3 oils are far better, such as: olive oil, coconut oil, and flaxseed oil.

   MSG is another contributor to unhealthy food preparation. Health problems are also caused by artificial sweeteners,

   preservatives, food coloring, flavorings, and other man-made gimmicks added to various manufactured processed foods.

   Chapter 6 contains 13 pages and some 44 questions (and comments), which the author asked and discussed with

   Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D, author of several excellent books on cancer. Dr. Moss says that there is an unfair standard

   applied when the FDA evaluates alternative cancer therapies. The standards set for conventional therapies are

   allowed to be “altered and modified,” whereas when the FDA evaluates alternative cancer therapies, they apply

   more stringent and unfair standards. For a prime example of this massive bias, see page 51 in this book, regarding

   Avastin, formerly approved for brain and breast cancer. For negative news on Avastin see page 123 in this Review.


   Another example is, Gemzar approved for pancreatic cancer. He also says that each person and their specific

   cancer, has to be evaluated on an individual basis. Note: Oncologists commonly give specific chemo drugs for

   specific cancers, and ignore Chemo-sensitivity Testing.


   See pages 184 - 208 in this Review, for detailed information on Chemo-sensitivity Testing. You will see references to

   Websites such as:  &   & 


   In discussing the chemo drug Adriamycin, Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D tells the author, that according to a study

   published in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, “Adriamycin is ineffective in up to 92 percent of women

   to whom it was given” (page 48). The big question is, how did it ever get through the F.D.A. “approval process” ?

   For terrible problems in the FDA drug approval process see:  &


   While people may express shock, it should come as no surprise to anyone. Consider the following comments by

   the illustrious Marcia Angell, M.D., a former editor of the prestigious medical journal, The New England Journal of

   Medicine, and author of book title: The Truth About The Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us And What To Do

   About It. (ISBN: 0-375-50846-5, Hardcover, $24.95. Note: The Softcover edition has ISBN: 0-375-76094-6, and is

   listed at $15.95) The following is quoted from the dust jacket cover of the hardcover edition. “Drug companies have

   substantial control over clinical trials of their drugs. There is good reason to believe that much of the company

   supported research on prescription drugs is biased as a result.” Another quote “The pharmaceutical industry has an

   iron-grip on Congress and the White House. It has the largest lobby in Washington - with more than there are elected

   representatives in Congress…” See also Michael Pagano, Ph.D  &


   On page 198 in her book, Dr. Marcia Angell writes, that in 1992 there were 675 lobbyists in Washington with salaries or

   fees amounting to a total of more than 91 million dollars. Also in 1992, the pharmaceutical trade association known as

   PhRMA had 120 employees with a budget of 14 million dollars, of the 91 million mentioned. Of these 675 lobbyists,

   26 were former members of Congress and 342 of them, were either previously congressional staff members or somehow

   connected to government. See also:   -and-  -and-  See Dr. Angell’s comment at:  See also:

   See Dr. Marcia Angell’s highly educational speech at: -as she presents the facts.


   It is fair to say there is more honesty in any baseball, football, or hockey game, because it is played openly in front of

   thousands of people and you cannot lobby the Umpires (Judges). Whereas, with pharmaceutical companies, everything

   happens behind closed doors. So the average Mr. and Mrs. Innocent Citizen and their children, are hoodwinked and put

   over the barrel for a solid merciless whipping for greed, money, and nonsense. Furthermore, the money involved in the

   chemo drug industry is in the billions of dollars. For chemo drugs administered in a doctor’s office or his / her clinic, the

   money profit factor can (usually does ?) pass down to the doctor, who has a financial interest in the chemo drugs they

   give to their patients. Consider, a doctor has four ways to earn big money when prescribing chemo drugs.

   The following four items are from this book title: Knockout, pages 53 – 54. Author interview of, Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.


     1). The doctor bills the insurance company for the office visit (consultation fee), and for the chemo drugs administered.


     2). He buys the chemo drugs wholesale and sells it to the patient (paid by the insurance company) at a retail markup.


     3). The drug companies run “monthly special sales” for specific chemo drugs. So in that month, the doctor prescribes

              the chemo drugs bought at the special discount.


     4). The doctor receives a fee from the chemo drug company, to lecture or give a presentation about a specific chemo

              drug, and is compensated handsomely by the drug company. (One wishes the above was not true, but sadly it is.)


   Dr. Evan S. Levine, M.D. in his book titled: What Your Doctor Won’t (or Can’t) Tell You: The Failures of American

   Medicine – and How to Avoid Becoming A Statistic (ISBN: 0-425-20008-6, Softcover, $14.00), writes about this same

   corruption. On page 117, Dr. Levine writes “Oncologists are given a special privilege: they can not only order drugs,

   specifically chemotherapy drugs, but they can also dispense and bill for them…” He writes that the Oncologist

   can bill with a multiple markup of the original cost of the Chemo drugs. For a video clip of Dr. Evan Levine on the

   MSNBC television Today Show, see:

   See also: -Scroll down to the last 2 paragraphs of Dr. Weisenthal’s

   comments, beneath the paragraph header “Disclosure.”  See also video clip, September 21, 2006, NBC Nightly News

   at:  See also incorrect treatment due to financial incentives, at:

                                                                        -See also Abstract in JAMA Internal Medicine:

   All the money tied into chemo drugs, doctors, and hospitals, corrupts the motive and objectivity to examine natural

   non-toxic healing methods. Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D is a leading advocate for “objective evaluation” of all cancer

   therapies, regardless of the name by which they are called, be it any of the various names: conventional, alternative,

   complementary / integrative. The Website of Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D is at: 




   Chapter 7 contains an interview with Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D. He uses non-toxic Antineoplastons.

   Among the various cancers he treats, the most consistent successes are with: brain, head and neck, prostate, breast,

   lungs, ovaries, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and colon. By year 2009, the FDA had approved 25 different gene-targeted

   drugs, Dr. Burzynski's Antineoplastons work on some 100 different cancer genes (page 65). This is four times more than

   the conventional 25 gene-targeted drugs mentioned earlier in this book. In other words, the 25 different gene-targeted

   drugs can work at a maximum, on 25 different cancer genes. Whereas, Dr. Burzynski's Antineoplastons can work on

   some 100 different cancer genes, plus the great added benefit that Dr. Burzynski's Antineoplastons are non-toxic,

   and will not poison any healthy cells in the person's body. No Hospitalization is required.

   (Note: In 2011, the number of FDA approved gene-targeted drugs increased to approximately 30 different drugs.)


   When treating any person with Antineoplastons, the effectiveness and success of Burzynski's Antineoplastons depends

   on the individual patient's cancer genes. If the patient's cancer genes match to any of Burzynski's pool of 100  

   Antineoplastons cancer genes, then his Antineoplastons should be effective. If the individual person's cancer gene(s)

   do not match with any of Burzynski's 100 different Antineoplastons, the person is given a blood test and based on the

   results, is given between 4 and 6 different gene-targeted drugs, selected from the generally available gene-targeted

   conventional FDA approved cancer drugs. Dr. Burzynski says that when using this method, he has an 85 percent

   response rate (page 66). So the treatment is personalized on an individual basis as much as possible. For gene-targeted

   therapy & off-label drugs see:

   Some 20 percent of all drugs prescribed are prescribed as “off-label,” see:


   For more on Dr. Burzynski, see movie at:  -and pages 41 - 51 in this Review.

   For the author’s blog discussing Dr. Burzynski, see:  


   Concerning the BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutated breast cancer genes found in several populations Worldwide, see:   -and-  Dr. Burzynski's Antineoplastons

   have a better chance of being effective on these genes. Whereas conventional medicine has no cure for these mutated

   cancer genes (page 66). For a BRAC Analysis Test see:




   Chapter 8 contains an interview with Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. His therapy is discussed on pages 63 - 66, in this Review

   under the heading of Pancreatic Cancer. See clip:  where the author

   says, Dr. Gonzalez gave her the names of 10 patients with Pancreatic cancer Stage 4, with 10 years survival.

   See interview with Dr. Gonzalez at:  and  other videos at: 




   Chapter 9 contains an interview with Dr. James Forsythe, M.D. Due to current laws, when a cancer patient comes

   to Dr. Forsythe, he must first offer, standard conventional chemo / radiation services. Only after they tell him,

   that they refuse conventional standard treatments, can he offer the patient his protocols (page 126).


   On page 123 in this book, Dr. Forsythe quotes an article from the journal, Clinical Oncology, (ISSN: 0936-6555.

   December 2004 issue, Volume 16, Number 8, Pages 549-560.) that people taking only cytotoxic chemo drugs by itself,

   have a 2.1 percent chance of surviving after five years. This article refers to 22 major adult malignancies in advanced

   stages, and the 2.1 percent refers to the estimate in the USA. In Australia it is 2.3 percent. The Article is titled:

   The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies. Authors: Graeme Morgan,

   Robyn Ward, Michael Barton. (The article contains 110 References.) The Abstract is available at Website:  = Bibliography: Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol). 2004 Dec;16(8):549-60.

   For radiation versus chemo, see Dr. Graeme Morgan’s viewpoint where he favors radiation: 

   For more on Dr. Graeme Morgan’s article, see:   -and- 

   (Regarding the topic of radiation see: -For more information see page 338.)

   Dr. L. R. Mileshkin, M.D. et al, criticized this article saying: if Leukemias, Burkitt’s lymphoma, and T-cell lymphomas,

   were included, the numbers would be higher. However, the article and data remains valid, and has never been disproven.

   Dr. L. R. Mileshkin’s Letter, Bibliography citation information is at:


   Dr. Forsythe says, he sometimes uses Insulin Potentiation Therapy together with low-dose chemotherapy. The chemo

   drug toxicity is less, when given with Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). For more on IPT, see page 102 in this Review.

   Another therapy used by Dr. Forsythe is a Homeopathic remedy called Salicinium, also known as “Chinese Aspirin.”

   The chemical within Salicinium is, glycol-benzaldehyde, and he claims he has records of 350 patients, all with Stage 4

   cancer, who are doing quite well after four years on Salicinium. For prostate cancer patients, he has an 85 percent

   response rate, and his breast cancer patients responded quite well too. For more information on Salicinium, see Website:   The Salicinium used by Dr. Forsythe was first discovered by a professor

   of chemistry and is marketed by, Perfect Balance Company. Diet is also a big factor, and there are certain restrictions

   which his patients must observe. Before giving chemo drugs, Dr. Forsythe uses a blood test to do a chemosensitivity

   test. This test will let him know which specific chemo drug(s) will work most effectively for that individual person.


   His opinion is, that a patient should not succumb to a negative prognosis from an oncologist, but rather get a second

   opinion from an alternative doctor. (The power of your beliefs are rather enormous. See review of book titled:

   You Don’t Have to Die From Cancer, by Abraham Khazam, M.D. on page 154 in this Review, for a very valuable

   message. See also book titled: Head First: The Biology of Hope and The Healing Power of the Human Spirit, on page

   305 in this Review.) Dr. Forsythe encourages diet changes, stress reduction, exercise - even if it is mild exercise.


   At the end of this chapter, three patients treated by Dr. Forsythe tell their own story, about their personal experience

   they had with Dr. Forsythe’s approach. First, is a woman with Stage IV breast cancer. The second, is a man with

   Stage IV prostate cancer (originally diagnosed in 1996 with a PSA of 71.5). The third, is a woman with a large cell

   carcinoma lung cancer Stage IV, surviving as of the writing of this book, for some nine years. When first diagnosed,

   she was told by her conventional oncologist, that she has six months to live.



   CTC – Circulating Tumor Cells Blood Test. See Dr. Forsythe at:

   This test is a Chemo Sensitivity Test via Blood. The CTC test requires only a blood sample of the person. However,

   Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D in his book titled: Customized Cancer Treatment, (ISBN: 978-1-881025-01-6, on pages 185-199),

   is critical of using a person’s blood to do Chemo Sensitivity Testing. Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D claims that live tissue

   obtained via biopsy yields more accurate results. (The review of this book appears on page 185 in this Review Journal.)

   For scientific criticism on using the CTC Blood Test for Solid Tumors, see:  -Scroll to Question & Answer 9, and read Dr. Weisenthal’s answer.

   Search also at: –Search terms:  Blood Test for Chemosensitivity Test.



   1). Biofocus Laboratory, Recklinghausen, Germany. Dialing from the USA, Tel: 011-49-2361-3000-130.

        The Homepage is at:  -Select English language option. Email: [email protected]

        For an English language explanation on how their blood test works, see their Website:  -Explains the blood test very well.



   2). Research Genetic Cancer Centre. Florina, Greece. Website:

         Dialing from USA. Tel: 011-30-24630-42264. Email:  [email protected]  


   Other Chemosensitivity testing laboratories in America which use biopsy are:

   and:  (See Pages 184 - 208 in this Review Journal for more details on these two Labs.)

   Important: Before a person has a biopsy, they should contact the various Laboratories and ask if the CTC = Circulating

   Tumor Cells Blood Test, has been perfected for Solid Tumors. Perhaps a biopsy can be avoided.

   Note: Some doctors use the above Greek Lab Test, to check if and which cancer cells exist in the blood of the person.



   Dr. Forsythe and Poly-MVA.

   Dr. Forsythe is conducting research and a clinical trial of Poly-MVA, a nutritional supplement. His results with some

   Stage IV lung cancers and other cancers are significant. In some cases, complete and partial remissions were obtained.

   Stephen Sinatra, M.D., a famous cardiologist and author of several books, praised Dr. James Forsythe and Poly-MVA in

   his monthly newsletter titled: Heart, Health & Nutrition (ISSN: 1533-9041) October 2005 issue, Pages 6, 7, and 8.

   (Back issues may perhaps be available at Tel: (800) 211-7643.) Dr. Sinatra’s Website is at:  

   For an article titled: Poly-MVA for Treating Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer: A Case Study of an Integrative Approach.

   Authors: Shari Lieberman, Ph.D and James W. Forsythe, M.D. Published in, Complementary and Alternative Therapies,

   April 2006 issue, Volume 12, Number 2, pp. 77-80. The Abstract is available at Website:   See also:

   For an article on Poly-MVA which appeared in The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients,

   February-March, 2003 issue, see: 


   For opposition to Dr. Garnett’s Poly-Mva & cancer, see: -Interesting links.

   Dr. Garnett is a scientist & scholar. -See Web Links in Wikipedia, and for example see:

   Dr. Merrill Garnett’s book is titled, First Pulse: A Personal Journey in Cancer Research (ISBN: 0966559711, Softcover.)


   For another book on Poly-MVA, see book titled, Fire in the Genes- Poly-MVA The Cancer Answer? (A Personal

   Research on Cancer and Palladium Lipoic Complexes). Written by, Michael Culbert. (ISBN: 0974767417, Softcover,

   131 pages, Published by, Foundation for the Advancement of Medicine, Year 2000.) See also:


   For another book on Poly-MVA, see book titled, Poly-MVA: A New Supplement in the Fight Against Cancer. Written

   by, Robert D. Milne, M.D., and Melissa L. Block, M.Ed. (ISBN: 1591200490 , Softcover, 48 pages, $4.95)


   To read the U.S. Patent and Science of Poly-MVA, see: - Patent Number 5,679,697.

   Title of Patent: Palladium Complexes and Methods for Using Same in the Treatment of Tumors. The inventor is listed

   as, Merrill Garnett, D.D.S. There are images included which explain the patent. Therefore, when reading this patent,

   click on ‘Images’ to see the technical drawings associated with this patent. –See:


   For Abstracts of scientific articles on Poly-MVA, see:[poly%20mva -Note:

   Only Abstracts containing the words “POLY-MVA” are the intended Abstracts, all others refer to different topics.


   Note: On page 170 in this book, in an interview with Burton Goldberg, he told the author (Suzanne Somers), that he

   met a man who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and his doctor told him he has 3 months to live. He started

   taking Poly-MVA and three months later was told by his doctor, that his multiple myeloma was gone.  -Website of, Dr. James Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D. See several Videos at this Website,

   including the video where he talks about his clinic at:

   See more Videos at:  His other Website is at:


   In 2012, Dr. Forsythe wrote a book titled: Take Control of Your Cancer (ISBN: 1936661667, $14.95, Softcover.)

   For Stage IV cancer see pages 4, 10, 114, and 134 in Dr. Forsythe’s book. Index & Sample pages at:

   Dr. James Forsythe also wrote another book titled: The Compassionate Oncologist. –See:

   -Available at his office. Also available at: -enter book title: The Compassionate Oncologist.




   Chapter 10 contains an interview with Dr. Julie Taguchi, M.D. A mainstream conventional oncologist, who is

   conducting a study of 55 women (out of 100+) who choose to use Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, instead of

   chemo drugs, to prevent recurrence of their breast cancer. Six out of the 55 women developed more cancer and required

   other treatments. See also page 25 in this book about this study. Dr. Julie Taguchi is the author’s personal oncologist.

   For more on hormones see -and see page 24 in this Review.




   Chapter 11 contains an interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D., who places great emphasis on nutrition. He also talks

   about DCIS = (Ductal  Carcinoma In-Situ) and he says that “in most cases this never metastasizes, never invades”

   (page 149). However, it must be said that in reality, it is still in the category of a “risk.” -For a DCIS test, see: - Search for DCIS test.   See also:   For women talking about

   DCIS, search at:  -Search Two different ways:   (1). DCIS.    (2). Ductal carcinoma in situ.


   Blaylock also talks about the radiation absorbed when getting a mammogram, especially by women who have a

   mutation in their gene, BRCA1 or BRCA2, which then causes their body to be unable to repair the radiation absorbed

   when getting a mammogram. He claims that most doctors doing mammograms do not understand “radiation biology.”

   This is a double trap for women who have a family history of breast cancer, –who are told, to have frequent

   mammograms, and the mammogram itself is what brings about an aggressive cancer later on. –See also Page 372 in this

   Review. Blaylock says there is a controversy among Oncologists whether breast cancer DCIS = Ductal Carcinoma

   In-Situ would spread or not spread. The same applies to prostate cancer. Yet in Blaylock’s opinion, these cancers are

   over treated with: chemo, surgery, and radiation. Regarding prostate cancer, “watchful waiting” is a controversial

   matter. For more on Prostate cancer and Watchful Waiting, see page 367, and for more on DCIS, see page 374 in this

   Review. Blaylock is opposed to eating soy as a health food, and says it actually stimulates Aromatose, which is a bad

   thing for cancer patients. See page 160 in the book as to which foods are highly desirable, and what not to eat.


   On the subject of radiation see the following. Regarding X-rays and Mammograms, John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D

   (Ph.D. in Nuclear-Physical Chemistry and he was a Medical Doctor.) claimed that modern X-rays are the cause of 75

   percent of breast cancers. This is a stunning claim. Dr. Gofman’s book titled: Preventing Breast Cancer, is available

   at:  -See Table of Contents and link to any Chapter.

   See also:   -and-   

   For other books written by John Gofman, see:   -Enter name:  John Gofman.

   See also Suzanne Somers quoting Dr. Blaylock regarding mammograms, at:


   See also article titled; Should You Get Mammograms ? at:

   For a study published in the British Medical Journal, February 11, 2014, see:

   See also;   For the accuracy of mammograms based on a woman’s menstrual cycle, see

   article titled; Accuracy of Screening Mammography Varies by Week of Menstrual Cycle. Published in the journal

   Radiology, February 2011. The complete article is at:  -The Abstract is

   at:  -See also: 

   For information on medicine and the “internal human clock” (Circadian Timing), see pages 210-214, in this Review.


   Dr. Blaylock thinks, an MRI or Thermography are better choices than a mammogram. He maintains that in cases

   where breast cancer is present, it should be removed with a lumpectomy, but no radiation and no chemo should be

   used. After the lumpectomy, the person should treat it with nutrition. Note, nutrition is not as simple as it sounds,

   because it means staying away from all junk foods and being fully committed to a vigorous healthy nutritional

   program and lifestyle. For breast cancer screening with Thermography and the claimed science behind it, search at  -Search terms:  Thermography + Breast screening. However, the FDA is opposed to Thermography.

   Search also terms:  Breast Thermography + Criticism. You have to read both sides: the for, and against Thermography.


   Dr. Blaylock says that as people age, the best cancer prevention is by taking Vitamin D3, and that with good nutrition, a

   tumor will become benign (inactive). Good nutrition also means no sugar and no artificial sweeteners and all other junk.

   For more information on Vitamin D3 see: 


   Dr. Blaylock also says, when the body develops resistance to chemo drugs, it can be reversed by natural supplements,

   such as, indole-3-carbinol, turmeric and flavonoids. For Indole-3-carbinol + cancer, see:  -For the science behind indole-3-carbinol,

   see:  See also Website:


   Search also at: –and-  -Search terms:  indole-3-carbinol + cancer


   Dr. Blaylock claims that if a cure for cancer would be found, it would cause the loss of billions of dollars to the

   cancer industry, and he believes this is precisely why a cure is not found.

   Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is the author of book title: Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients. (ISBN: 0-75820221-0,

   Softcover, $15.00) His Website is at: 




   Chapter 12 contains an interview with Burton Goldberg, who produced a DVD on cancer titled: Cancer Conquest.

   His Website is at:   For video clips of Burton Goldberg, see:

   You may also watch video clips at his Website. His DVD on cancer is a valuable resource for both: conventional,

   and alternative cancer treatment protocols. Read his letter at:

   Read his article and opinions on cancer treatment at Website: 

   To read his interview in the book Knockout, with Suzanne Somers, see:


   Burton Goldberg published several books on alternative cancer treatments. He also fought two cancers himself. He used

   Chinese herbs and enzymes for his bladder cancer, and his early stage kidney cancer is in remission. –(See his video

   clips at:   -&-  )

   Mr. Goldberg told the author he met a man who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and his doctor told him he has 3

   months to live. He started taking Poly-MVA and three months later was told by his doctor, that his multiple myeloma

   was gone (page 170). Burton Goldberg praises Hydrazine Sulfate for its help in brain cancer and other cancers as well.




   Chapter 13 contains an interview with David Schmidt, the inventor of LifeWave. David Schmidt discusses the

   nutritional value of the supplement Glutathione, and how it helps the human body fight off disease.




   Chapter 14 contains an interview with the illustrious Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D. He was the doctor who advised the

   author (Suzanne Somers) to leave the hospital. See pages 14-16 in this book for the trauma and the story.


   The main topic discussed in this chapter is BHRT – Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and if taken

   properly may help prevent breast cancer. Dr. Wright also discusses the hormones: Estradiol, and Estriol (page 186).

   On page 187 in this book, Dr. Wright says, the cure for premenopausal with fibrocystic breast disease, is using proper

   amounts of iodine or iodide. -(See also Dr. Jorge D. Flechas, M.D. at: ) Any man or woman

   interested to know about the different hormones and their correct balance, would benefit from reading this chapter.

   Website of Jonathan Wright, M.D.  His Newsletter Website is:


   Any woman seeking information on female hormones, should read Chapter 10 and Chapter 14 of this book.

   The argument centers around, which is better: Synthetic or Bio-identical hormones. The author favors Bio-identical

   hormones. Dr. Wright explains the numerous hormones very clearly. See also:  -and- -For opposition to Bio-identical hormones see:  -See

   Suzanne Somers reply at:   For the political lobbying and manipulation of Bio-identical

   hormones, see Julian Whitaker, M.D. at Website:  

   See also Life Extension Magazine at:   -and-




   Chapter 15 contains an interview with Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D., Cardiologist. See his article on cancer at his Website:  -Articles by Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D. on nutritional

   supplements, conventional cancer treatment versus an integrative approach, and utilizing more available options.


   His homepage is at:  or at:  He writes a monthly Newsletter via

   paid subscription, containing valuable information. He authored several good books on cardiology, and advocates taking

   supplements. See Dr. Sinatra at:  See Dr. Sinatra interview at:




   Chapter 18 contains an interview with William (Bill) Faloon, of the Life Extension Foundation. This Foundation

   provides free consultation for its members. Website:  William Faloon talks about cancer surgery –which

   according to his opinion and others, can cause the cancer cells to spread, and cites proof which appeared in various

   medical journals. He advises that before having cancer surgery, people should take modified citrus pectin (page 256).

   He also talks about an over the counter drug named Cimetidine (Brand name: Tagamet), originally developed and used,

   to stop heartburn. Cimetidine prohibits the binding of cancer cells (page 257). He cites a study published in the British

   Journal of Cancer in 2002, which proves the efficacy of taking Cimetidine. See:

   See trial cimetidine/fluorouracil for colorectal cancer & increased survival. Search article at:

   See William Faloon at:  -&-  -&-


   See the following Websites. (If Life Extension moves the next 4 Websites, you can search for them at: )

    1). Article title: Cancer Treatment: The Critical Factors, at:


    2). Article title: Preventing Surgery-Induced Cancer Metastasis. Author: Steven Nemeroff, N.D.

   -(If any of these articles are not found, search at LEF.Org by title of article & author.)


    3). Article title: Cancer Surgery Special Report


    4). Article title: Cancer Surgery.


    5). Article title: Should You Have a Biopsy ?

    6). For information on Cimetidine see:


    Life Extension. Customer Care, Tel: (800) 678-8989. Website:   Health Advisors, Tel: (800) 226-2370.

    -Membership in Life Extension may be required for this service. Life Extension also publishes a magazine titled:

    Life Extension. Mr. William Faloon, of the Life Extension Foundation is quoted as saying “The second biggest killer

    in America is medical ignorance and it is the number one reason people die” -Quoted in book, KNOCKOUT, page 254.

    Archive of Life Extension Magazine is at: 




   Storing Your Healthy Adult Stem Cells.

   Any healthy person can store and save their own stem cells for future use, if ever needed. See Website:  - NeoStem, Inc. 420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 450. New York, New York 10170. USA.

   Tel: (212) 584-4180. See the author’s video regarding storing your adult stem cells at:




   Clinical Trial, Breast Reconstruction Surgery Using a Woman’s Own Stem Cells.

   For Suzanne Somers own breast reconstruction surgery (filmed) using her own body’s stem cells, see videos at:  -Attempting to bring this surgery to the USA. -Read article at: 

   Her surgeon, Dr. Joel Aronowitz’s Website is at:  -See video links there. 

   For an interview with Dr. Joel Aronowitz see:  The procedure is named:

   Cell Assisted Lipotransfer (CAL). Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura, M.D. does this CAL surgery in Japan.

   See Dr. Yoshimura’s  Resume and Bibliography at his Website: 

   Dr. Yoshimura’s scientific scholarly article on CAL is at:




   Ondamed Machine.

   The author, Suzanne Somers praises the efficacy of a machine called: Ondamed (page 171), and credits her recovery

   from her false cancer diagnosis trauma, to this machine. For more about the Ondamed machine see Websites:   -and-


   This book also includes a Resources section containing 47 pages, with excellent information, including Websites of

   health care practitioners, which allows you to find out which specific therapies each one offers.

   5 pages of various book titles regarding alternative medicine. The Index contains 13 pages.

   This book is highly recommended. Every person fighting cancer may benefit from this book.

   The Softcover edition has ISBN: 978-0-307-58759-6. Price of book, $15.00. Available in bookstores and

   at:   or   The Author’s Website is at:

   To buy this book in an e-book format download see:

   For several video clips of Suzanne Somers and her book: Knockout, on, see:

   See also TOX-SICK, by Suzanne Somers (ISBN: 0385347723, Hardcover, Published April 2015.)

   See also BREAKTHROUGH, by Suzanne Somers (ISBN: 1400053285.)  *** End of review for book titled: Knockout.

   -End of this Book Review.







The following is a copy of Page 154 thru Page160, of THE CANCER INFORMATION REVIEW. / Stress Relief Section. 







ISBN: 0-85572-266-5

Softcover,   Price of Book $14.95



   Dr. Khazam studied medicine in Holland. Later he moved to Australia where he wrote this profound

   book. Being a psychiatrist, he maintains that cancer works itself up to become an emotional deadly

   disease, where the toxic emotions of the patient do more harm to the person, than the cancer itself,

   because the emotions become so toxic and vicious like an hypnotic instruction to die.

   Dr. Khazam claims that it is a psychogenic death (Psychogenic = stemming from the emotional mind.)

   similar to a voodoo death. In cases where the patient dies, it is also because the person has been so

   demoralized because they “believe” they will die, even if medically they can actually survive and live,

   which then becomes so overpowering, similar to combat fatigue.

   (Combat fatigue means: the soldier is dead tired and exhausted and simply chooses to give up by

   surrendering, rather than keep on fighting.)     


   This book contains four parts. Part One is titled: The Diagnosis, and is divided into four chapters 

   covering the following topics: How and why the stress of being diagnosed with cancer affects the

   body, particularly when a doctor tells a patient that the diagnosis is cancer and the patient then asks

   the doctor “How long do you think I have, Doctor ?” and the doctor answers “You have six months”

   (Both, the question and the Doctor’s answer ARE THE DEATH Sentence. Herein lies the devil itself !)


   The author maintains that by asking such a question, it means the person has accepted a death sentence

   and now the rest is only a negotiation, -the person is only “bargaining for time !” How many weeks or

   months etc.,! But the death sentence is already an established fact emotionally in the person’s mind.

   The result of this great mistake is the actual cause of many unnecessary deaths, perhaps even more than

   the cancer itself –which would not kill the patient. (Back to the patient: If you make your doctor into a

   god You have a false god, and not a doctor.) In the words of the author “What I am saying is this: you

   don’t have to die from cancer…The death becomes almost a certainty, because Mr. TCF = (Typical

   Cancer Patient) keeps actively working on it until it takes effect. And he does not even know this,

   because it takes place in his emotional mind” (Page 31). Dr. Khazam deserves credit for bringing this

   important life issue to the fore, and as a Psychiatrist he knows from whence he speaks.

   (In contrast, see page 306 in this Review for research and information regarding cancer remissions.)


   Additional chapters in Part One include: The Demoralized patient goes home and Battles Fatigue, in which the author,

   as a Psychiatrist, points to the utterly destroyed, unmet, untreated, emotional mental state of the patient and the conflicts

   and problems which may arise with close family members and loved ones. Can life remain normal after diagnosis ?


   In Part Two of this book, the author discusses the biology of cancer, and the biology of stress, and how

   stress weakens the body, and then how stress weakens the immune system and the entire human body.


   Part Three of this book is titled: The Psychology of Cancer, in which the author presents his viewpoints

   very clearly, such as, when a person feels hopelessly trapped without seeing any light at the end of the

   tunnel. This hopelessness will affect the person biologically and not only mentally or emotionally. The

   author writes that Hope is not a psychological luxury, but rather it is a basic ingredient of emotional health.



   Part Four of this book is titled: Healing, and it contains 18 chapters. The author writes that people with 

   cancer who do better, are usually those who possess the following personality traits:


   1). They adopt and maintain a fighting spirit.



   2). Are able to verbalize and express their hostility and anger when other people bother them. Being the

         perpetual “nice person”, and swallowing everything, from everyone every time is not healthy.

   3). They have low levels of anxiety and depression. -See also Dr. Gonzalez talk about the great enemy = anxiety, at:

                   –Scroll to 28:00 in the video. = Profound Concept & Great Message.


   Search also at:  -Search terms:  Cancer Personality  +  Cancer.

   Search also terms:  Cancer Personality.  See also: 

   For detailed search options see Website:

   To set up an automatic search in PubMed and then, be automatically notified by email as new articles become 

   available see Website:  - To save all your

   search results see also:


   Basically, according to Dr. Khazam, doctors who pronounce “death sentences” while they think they are 

   telling their patients “objective truth” are actually inducing their patients to die. This is a legal problem

   because it is illegal for a doctor not to tell their patient that they have a terminal medical condition.

   This is a legal, ethical and moral problem that deserves an amicable legal, ethical and moral solution.

   The following are four interesting items regarding the above mentioned issue, whether a doctor should or must tell a

   person that they are expected to die “statistically or actually.”



   1). In an article in The Lancet, 1998 Oct 3;352(9134):1153. Hassn AMF, and Hassan  A. Article titled: Do We Always

   Need to Tell Patients the Truth ? They wrote that in their opinion "the wish of patients to know the whole truth about

   their illness does not mean that it is right for them... on the contrary, it harms many of them." For more on this article,

   see Website:  



   2). In a survey conducted by the President’s Commission and released in 1982, the survey found that 96 percent of

   Americans actually wanted to be told if they had cancer and 85 percent of Americans actually also wanted to know

   how long they would live, if their cancer usually led to death in less than a year. Source: President’s Commission for

   the Study of Ethical Problems in Medicine. Making Health Care Decisions. 1982; 2: 245-246.



   3). In a court case regarding a patient who had pancreatic cancer, who had surgery and afterwards, radiation and

   experimental chemo drugs, and had visited his Oncologist(s) some 70 times and never asked about his chances for

   recovery. Statistically, this person had a five percent chance for a five year survival but actually passed away earlier,

   because the cancer returned and the doctors did not tell him that they expected him to pass away within a few months.

   They did not tell him about this because they did not want to take away his hope. The wife claimed that had he known,

   he would have refused the experimental chemo drugs and would have put his affairs in order. She sued his doctors

   claiming that under California law, the doctors were obligated to tell her husband about the survival statistics and also

   to ask for his consent to be given the experimental chemo drugs. The doctors claimed that had the patient been told, he

   would lose all hope and that in itself would have caused immense damage to him. (See survey conducted in Australia,

   regarding telling a patient about unaffordable anticancer drugs, at:  )



   At first, a lower court ruled in favor of the doctors. Upon appeal by the wife, the California Supreme Court

   ruled in favor of the wife, because the doctrine of informed consent is based upon four principles:


      A). Patients are generally ignorant of medicine and therefore must be told all of their options.

      B). Patients have an inherent right over their bodies, to decide as they deem fit or as they wish.

      C). Informed consent is required for all medical procedures.

      D). Patients inherently rely on their doctors to give them accurate and truthful information, and have no

             other option but to rely on them, thereby making the doctor-patient relationship a relationship of

             trust. (The relationship is fiduciary.) Therefore, the doctor remains obligated to fully disclose and tell

             everything to the patient, and this is called Informed Consent.


   Source: Court case of; Arato versus Avedon. 5 Cal 4th 1172, 23 Cal Rptr. 1993. 2D. 131, 858P. 2D 598.

   For details of this court ruling see:  


   4). To paraphrase an angry family member, of a person who was told by their Oncologist that they were going

   to die, and actually did pass away, remarked that “the doctor(s) who invented the word ‘terminal’ will never get

   out of hell” for causing discouragement. A wise amicable humane legal solution should be found for this problem.


   Returning now to Dr. Khazam’s book, Dr. Khazam writes “The TCP = (The Typical Cancer Patient)

   must be relieved of the voodoo curse that has captured and occupied his emotional mind.”

   It is worthwhile to ponder and reflect on the significance of Dr. Khazam’s words.


   Chapter 16 is titled: Healing From The Psychological Cancer. Additional topics discussed in this book include:

   Convincing the mind that it can have an effect on the human body, Coming to realize that you yourself must be

   in control and that you should not surrender your life to doctors, Visualization and how to do effective visualization,

   General principles of healing, Relaxation, The theory behind visualization, Whether or not it is ethical to tell the “truth”

   to a patient which in effect will cause them great harm, And an explanation on how the mind can affect the body.

   In chapter 31 the author writes that stress promotes the growth of cancer (Page 285).


   If you believe that you have bought into a death sentence from your doctor(s), this book will be of great

   help to you, - if you will de-program and undo the false emotional death message. You can use your strength, faith,

   courage, effort, and tenacity to help you de-program and undo the false emotional death message. Bear in mind that the

   author is also a medical doctor and a psychiatrist, who studied this subject thoroughly, and has a very important

   lifesaving message. See also Dr. Bernie Siegel at:  &  

   See also Dr. Lissa Rankin, M.D.  &  &

   See also Dr. Elaine Ferguson at:  &

   See also:


   Article by Dr. Stephen Jay Gould, Ph.D.

   For a very encouraging article on cancer and statistics, and why it is wrong for doctors to give out death sentences,

   Dr. Gould asked “What does the average patient understand about median mortality of eight months ?” –Possibly

   nothing, and in fact probably misinterprets it as well, and if it is true that belief becomes biology, meaning: your brain

   and its false belief system, actualize themselves into whatever you believe, even though it is factually wrong.

   This wrong belief can tragically cause premature death. That is why Dr. Stephen Jay Gould’s article is of such

   importance. Dr. Stephen Jay Gould, Ph.D, was a scholar in biology and taught at Harvard University.

   Read this article at Website: 

   Title of article: The Median Isn’t The Message. This is a well written scientific scholarly article.



   Dr. Gould exceeded his 8 months median survival time by some THIRTY TIMES. 

   (30 x 8 months = 240 months, which equals Twenty Years.)



   In a sobering comment made by Steve Dunn, founder of Website:  he wrote that while he was

   ill, he tried to avoid reading statistics because of the inherent negative thinking it would encourage, and thus bring it

   into reality. Read his comments at:

   He suggested that a friend should read the statistical numbers if possible. The “educated wise” will protest and demand

   to “know the facts as they may be” but the consequences of this attitude may have grave consequences, because the

   person may actually talk themselves into an early grave. It is worthwhile to study and ponder the enormous power of the

   mind, both for positive and negative. To paraphrase Bernie Siegel, M.D., who told of a woman who was given a cancer

   death sentence by her doctor and survived. Later on, she called that doctor and asked “Where do I send the coffin ?”  



   Books by Greg Anderson.

   For a book written by a cancer survivor who was told by his doctor that he will die within a few weeks, but he chose and

   made a conscious decision to survive and take his own life into his own hands, see book title: The Cancer Conqueror,

   written by Greg Anderson, (ISBN: 0-9678-4110-0, Softcover.) The author writes that after his second surgery the

   doctors sent him home to die, “the lung cancer that they had found four months earlier had now spread to the lymph

   system, according to statistics I had thirty days to live.” In 1984 a surgeon told him “Greg, the tiger is out of the cage.

   Your cancer has come roaring back. I would give you about thirty days to live.”


   The author (Greg Anderson) continues ‘‘my experiences have led me to a new respect for the power of the human spirit

   over illness,...” See the review of this book on page 152 in this Review Journal.

   If you like the message of this book and are ready to do a substantial amount of work on mind-clearing, your attitudes,

   expectations, mental outlook, goals in life, and start a general overhaul of your life, see book title: Journeys with the

   Cancer Conqueror, by the same author, Greg Anderson, (ISBN: 0-7407-0020-0, Hardcover, $14.95) This is a workbook

   where you can make your own personal entries.


   The author, Greg Anderson is also the founder of, Cancer Recovery Foundation of America, P.O. Box 238, Hershey, PA

   17033 USA. Tel: (800) 238-6479  or  Tel: (717) 564-4100. Website: 

    Greg Anderson has “been there” so he knows of what he talks. See also:


   Mr. Greg Anderson wrote another book titled: CANCER: 50 Essential Things To Do.

   (ISBN: 978-1-101-65916-8, Softcover.) Read the Table of Contents of this book and read some sample pages at:  -enter ISBN into the Search Box. The author shows you logical steps by which a person can help

   themselves in many different ways. He also offers encouragement and writes about “attitude and emotions” as well.

   This book is outstanding and is highly recommended. This book is reviewed on page 153 in this Review Journal.

   See also book title: The Wellness Community, (Reviewed on page 153 in this Review Journal.) Written by, Harold

   Benjamin, Ph.D. (ISBN: 0-87477-794-1, Softcover.) The focus of the book is on your overall Mental Attitude.

   Among the topics covered are: Hope, Encouragement, Visualization, How To Fight For Recovery From Cancer, You

   Have The Power To Fight For Your Recovery, Why These Methods Help, The Importance of Controlling Stress,

   Fixing and Healing Negative Emotions, Enhancing Pleasant Emotions, Regaining Hope, Getting Back The Control In

   Your Life, Anger, Seeking Family Harmony, Make Plans For The Future Because You believe You Will Live, Not

   Blaming Yourself For Your Illness, and Some Information on Nutrition.

   This book will offer encouragement and the focus is on the hope for recovery. Many ex-cancer patients are introduced in

   this book to offer you encouragement. This is a very good book for starters and is for all cancer patients. See also The

   Wellness Community (also known as the Cancer Support Community)

   Website:   -Tel: (888) 793-9355  or  Tel: (202) 659-9709.   


   For another good book with stories by 26 people who survived various types of cancers, see book title: Live Strong:

   Inspirational Stories from Cancer Survivors - From Diagnosis to Treatment and Beyond. (ISBN: 0-3409-2212-5,

   Softcover, 256 pages.) -Read sample pages of this book at:  -enter the ISBN. This book may also be

   available at a discount at:   Live Strong Foundation Website is at:

   See also page 305 in this Review Journal, for Norman Cousin’s book.





ISBN: 1-55263-107-9

Softcover,   Price of Book $14.95 (Published in Canada $19.95)



   The author, Alastair J. Cunningham, Ph.D is a senior scientist at the Ontario Cancer Institute and a professor of Medical

   Biophysics at the University of Toronto, clinical co-director of the Wellspring Centre and a member of the Institute for

   the Advancement of Health, and the Society for Behavioral Medicine. He has Ph.D degrees in cell biology and

   psychology, with over 35 years of experience in cancer-related research.


   During the late 1980’s Dr. Cunningham developed cancer, and he proceeded to explore the various dimensions of

   psychology, by which the mind of the person can be empowered, so that the person can actively participate and help in

   their own healing. –IF they so choose to do so. See his Home page at:


   Dr. Cunningham comes from the mainstream conventional school of thought, but as a true scientist, kept an open mind

   with which he explored the further reaches of the human mind and how it may influence medicine and healing.

   This is an emerging field known also as, Psycho-Oncology, which is not limited to exact definitions at the present time.


   Among the topics covered are: Reacting to the cancer diagnosis, The family reaction, Dealing with the diagnosis and

   starting to help yourself. The author maintains that it is up to the person themselves to decide how they will react and

   what actions they will take to further help themselves. In the last paragraph of Chapter 1, the author writes

   “that cancer, like everything else in our lives, has meaning. Some readers will already understand this, to others it may

   seem absurd, even offensive.” The author maintains that the healing journey in cancer, is finding greater meaning in

   your life. For free downloads of some of Dr. Cunningham’s works see:


   Chapter 2 is titled: The Biology of Cancer, in which the author explains scientifically, how cancer grows into a tumor.

   In Chapter 3 the author discusses conventional treatments such as: chemo drugs, radiation, and surgery.

   In Chapter 4 the author presents a very enlightening and critical discussion on alternative cancer treatments, by logically

   arguing that “many are contradictory, they can’t all be valid; for example, diets based on cooked grains, and others

   insisting that all food must be consumed raw, are at loggerheads” (page 57). Furthermore, there is such a wide choice of

   alternative therapies and if any single one of them had been totally correct, all other alternative therapies would have (or

   should have) disappeared, because the truth would have finally come out. So why is there such a wide selection of

   alternative cancer therapies and there are no defined and proven therapies ?


   The author is absolutely right in asking the above questions. And likewise, let the question be expanded to conventional

   chemo drugs. Why are there so many different possibilities in using different chemo drugs and their various

   combinations, for the same cancer ? Is the prescribing of chemo drugs a precise defined exact science or is there room

   for conjecture, hypothesis, assumption or speculation ?


   Chemo drugs are very toxic and ought not be left to anything other than precise defined exact science.

   Chemo Sensitivity Testing is a viable option, and it is a scientifically validated method to help identify which specific

   Chemo drug(s) would be best suited, to destroy the individual person’s cancer.

   For detailed information on Chemo Sensitivity Testing see pages 184 - 208 in this Review Journal.

   However, few Oncologists advise their patients of this option. There is ample science in Chemosensitivity testing,

   yet it is ignored with an ignorance and an arrogance unbecoming to medicine and science.


   Topics in Chapter 5 include: What you need to do in order to start healing from within yourself, A brief overview of

   the science of mind and cancer healing, Using your mind to help you in your fight against cancer, Why has Western

   Medicine not used psychological intervention as part of its mainstream approach to cancer treatment.


   In Chapter 6, the author discusses the power of the human mind and how it can, and actually does affect the body of a

   person in a profound manner. Additional topics include, The role of willpower in self-healing, Getting active and taking

   personal responsibility for your health. Some people may resent this concept, because they feel that they have no

   self-power, for any one or more reasons. Perhaps one of them being the utter need, desire, and willingness to be a

   “helpless victim”


   Chapter 9 is titled: Getting Connected, where several different levels of states of mind are discussed.

   Chapter 10 is titled: Healing as a Search for Meaning, where the author writes about “Does cancer have

   meaning ?” and How to get in touch with your own unique inner knowledge.


   Towards the end of this book, there is an in depth discussion on how to Meditate, Relax, Do mental imagery,

   also more commonly known as, Visualization. Spirituality and Existentialism are also discussed.


   Existentialism seeks to find meaning in life, amongst and within the chaos, pain and suffering which people

   endure in their personal lives. The author who is also a psychologist, attempts to define and explain existentialism

   in the psychological sense, with the explicit purpose to help you take control of your life and thereby help yourself.


   Existentialism also speaks about the utter isolation and loneliness of each and every human being.

   Furthermore, where and how do you find meaning in life ? Where and how do you find lasting happiness ?

   Or is everything only a fleeting moment ? And wherein lies the essence of life ?

   This is a heavy philosophical question which can either cause you to ponder deeply on the meaning of your life,

   and possibly arrive at some treaty with a fair amount of satisfaction and happiness, or it can cause a person to

   become depressed. Ultimately, each person has to meet his/her Creator at the end of their life.

   Atheists are unable to come to terms with this vexing question which ceases not to vex, but does perplex.

   The author is a scientist by profession and even though in this book he discusses mind-body medicine, and how it

   relates to health and healing and Psycho-Oncology, he works and writes from within the framework of conventional

   psychology and medicine. Any person who wishes to use their “mind” to help themselves, may benefit from reading

   this book. More so, if you believe exclusively in conventional medicine, this book is for you.

   The author holds the following degrees: O.C., Ph.D., Ph.D., C.Psych.


   See also Author’s Web Page at:   

                               - and see also: 


   The first edition of this book was printed in 1992 and a revised edition was printed in 2000.

   The basic ideas which are discussed by the author in the 10 chapters of this book are as follows:


     1). It’s Cancer ! What To Do Now ?

     2). Biology of Cancer.

     3). The Benefits and Limitations of Medical Treatment.

     4). Evaluating Unorthodox Therapies.

     5). The Mind’s Effect on the Course of Cancer.

     6). How Body, Mind, Social and Spiritual Levels Interact.

     7). Strategies for Self-Initiated Healing.

     8). Taking Control of Your Life on Numerous Different Levels.

     9). Getting Connected to Your Own Self.

   10). Healing and Your Search for Meaning.


   See also the author's other book titled: Can The Mind Heal Cancer ? A Clinician Scientist Examines the Evidence.

   Written by, Alastair J Cunningham. (ISBN: 0-973-78540-3, Softcover, $16.95 ) The author maintains that the mind

   influences the body.


   For more information on Psycho-Oncology, see article titled: The Effect of Group Psychosocial Support on Survival

   in Metastatic Breast Cancer. Authors: Pamela J. Goodwin, M.D., Molyn Leszcz, M.D., et al. Published in The New

   England Journal of Medicine, December 13, 2001 issue. Volume 345, Pages 1719 - 1726. Complete article available at:   -See also Dr. Cunningham’s comment regarding

   this article at:

   -End of the above information.








The following is a copy of Page 179 thru Page184, of THE CANCER INFORMATION REVIEW. /Multi Website Links. 


References and Hyperlinks for Cancer Research.

 See Website:   which contains a vast amount of Information, Website Links, and References for

conventional cancer treatments. This Website is organized and divided into many different sections, all with extensive

Hyperlinks, which will be very useful for people searching for specific information, including scientific scholarly articles.

This Website is a masterpiece and is funded and run independently by a person in England. Within these links, are

Several Thousand Additional Hyperlinks, and these additional Website links, within these basic links are very useful.

For another masterpiece by the same person, see:  for detailed extensive scientific scholarly

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